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Coming Soon

Ethical For Life

My current project 'Ethical For Life' is a book about ethical living to help people make a difference to the world. 'Ethical For Life' is written as a one-stop resource for anyone looking to make positive changes to their lifestyle to live a more environmentally friendly and less toxic life. Written simply and with passion and a real belief that we can all make a difference to our world, 'Ethical For Life' gives the reader the information they need to not only understand these vital issues, but to actually do something about them themselves. 'Ethical For Life' will empower the reader to make the difference.

The first section 'Why Ethical For Life' gives the background to climate change, with referenced scientific evidence to explain in simple terms how human activity is accelerating the rise in global temperatures, and what this actually means in practice to the planet and to us. The issue of fair trade is discussed, explaining the type of working conditions employees are subjected to in some of the poorest countries, and how fair trade benefits these workers. The damaging effects of chemicals in our food and beauty and household products are explained, with referenced scientific evidence where necessary. Organic and natural products are discussed, with explanations of the different certification labels used and what they mean.

The proceeding sections give detailed information and advice on making lifestyle changes for the home, for travelling, for shopping and for finance. For each area there are simple and easy options that anyone can implement at little cost and with minimal effort, and there are more challenging changes that are more costly and require greater effort, but give proportionately greater benefit. 'Ethical For Life' covers all the bases as far as 'green living' is concerned.





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