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Book Excerpts

The Essence of Reiki

"Life is really incredibly simple. Only humans have the ability to make life difficult. Mikao Usui found a way to heal directly, to heal any condition, no matter how serious."

Reiki is a complete and self-contained system, which includes many methods and techniques as well as a great deal of information and knowledge. The system of Reiki requires of its practitioners hard work and effort, commitment and dedication..."

"The Usui Method of Spiritual Energy Healing was developed as a means of self-development and growth, as a path to enlightenment, as well as a healing method. The core philosophy underpinning Reiki is the Japanese concept of 'oneness', of uniting Heaven and Earth, Man and God."

" Usui-sensei believed that society was in need of both healing and improvement, and one way to make society better was to heal and develop individuals within society. That was true in the early 20 th century, and it is true now."

" Everyone longs for happiness, health and fulfilment, generally through material success and emotional attachments... The one thing above all else that can lead to true happiness and fulfilment is the one thing we have forgotten about."

" Fundamentally, Reiki Ryoho as used by Usui-sensei and his students worked by treating the illness or injury directly with energy to stimulate repair and recovery... This is the most effective way to work with the Reiki healing system."





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