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Andy Chrysostomou is an experienced Reiki master / teacher and practitioner as well as an author, writer, and now a web site designer. Andy currently writes for Celsias, Hippyshopper and Ethicalforlife and is starting to write articles and columns for NU and High Spirit magazines.

Andy writes around two main areas at the moment, ethical and environmental issues; Reiki and spirituality. Within these main areas, Andy covers a range of subjects, such as climate change and global warming; renewable energy and sustainability; technology and gadgets; healthy living; vegan and vegetarian issues; ethical lifestyles and living; natural and organic products; fair trade and working conditions; Reiki and spirituality; spiritual growth and self-development.

Andy along with his partner Dawn practice and teach Reiki in London. Andy has worked as part of the National Occupational Standards group to set the new standards for Reiki in the UK. As well as treating clients with a wide range of conditions, both clinical and non-clinical, they have taught Reiki to hundreds of students, helping them to transform their lives and use Reiki for the benefit of themselves and others. They have taught Reiki courses to individuals and they have taught Reiki to specialist groups such as Marie Curie Hospice staff and other cancer hospice staff. The Reiki work of Andy and his partner Dawn has been featured in a range of publications, including: Natural Health and Beauty, Health and Fitness, Healthy, TNT and Positive Health. Andy and Dawn were recently interviewed for Myspirit Radio station, where they discussed the benefits of Reiki for individuals suffering from cancer.

Andy is available to write for your publication or website, either on a regular basis or a one-off or ad-hoc basis. You can contact Andy to discuss your requirements:






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